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As a dynamic organization you know that the relations between your various partners have a paramount importance to maintain and increase your success. With this intention, you set up various means susceptible to bring your internal customers as with external customers to give its 110%.


I suggest to you an original way of rewarding:

1.     Your clients

2.     Yours suppliers

3.     Your management staff

4.     Your employees

5.     Other important peoples


By offering my sculptures to your people, you pair the spiritual side and the practical side. In addition to being lucky charms, protectors, signs of balance, guardian angels and guides at a spiritual level, my sculptures have a small practical side, because, they can be used as business card holders, penholders and other practical functions appropriate for your organization. Moreover, there is average to personalize the sculpture with the effigy of your organization. 


Other organizations: SGF, L’ordre des CGA, CRE-Estrie, has bought my sculptures and their people were delighted. I am persuaded that it will be the same for your people, because, you will offer them personalized gifts and uniquely made from the hands of a craftsman of Quebec, which I am. 


Special prices can be granted to you for orders of great quantities.


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Corpo3.jpg (25837 octets)

Corpo4.jpg (14349 octets)

Corpo5.jpg (26112 octets)

Corpo6.jpg (23285 octets)

Corpo1.jpg (14360 octets)

Corpo2.jpg (14743 octets)

Corpo7.jpg (21009 octets)