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Claude Roussel was born in the Mont-Joli surroundings, in Gaspésie, Québec.

His academic training and working experiences have brought him all over Québec. He has always been attracted to stones of all kinds. His fascination is sustained by the many forms (mostly the whale one) and color variations of stone. His love of rocks led him, in 1994, to build a human-size inukshuk on his property. However, he didn't know at the time that his sculpture was an actual inukshuk.

While working in Montreal, he tried to sculpt stones with a buffer, but the experience wasn't a success. He then had the idea to create miniature inukshuiit so he could share with others his interest in stones.

Claude Roussel is therefore a self-taught artist with great respect for human beings and their culture. His scupltures are for him a way of sharing his love of people and stone.