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Each sculpture is unique. Each has a number and an ID card. Each one is a collection piece.

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During the creation of an Inukshuk, Inuits use small stones to maintain in balance the larger stones.  

When creating an Inukshuk, Claude Roussel uses a white or clear matter, which can represent the layers of snow or ice that an Inuit could use at time of the construction certain Inukshuiit. The stones used by Claude Roussel are of multiple colours. The whole gives a new seal to traditional Inukshuk. 

Furthermore, Claude Rousselís personal touch is found in the means of a small stone placed on top of the Inukshuk. Inukshuk becomes a protector, a kind of guardian angle, a lucky charm for the person who acquires it.  According to an Inuit legend, from its ancestral functions which were to guide people, Inukshuk will help the person who acquires it to always take the right path and to make good decisions.  

Through his sculptures, Claude Roussel wants to wake the desire for others to open to other cultures.   It is while being respectful of out past that we can better live the present moment and thus build a future together.

Each inukshuk is unique. The variety of shapes, sizes and colors make it possible for everyone to find the right one. Being a friendship and solidarity symbol, it is the ideal gift for a friend or sibling as much as a colleague or employee.



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